Tuesday, December 14, 2010

O Christmas Tree

Since Christmas is my favorite holiday, I wanted our house to have a little Christmas spirit. And it really is little:

A real Christmas tree isn't exactly in our budget this year, so we're settling for a mini version. Our little Christmas tree stands at a whopping total of 2 feet and is decorated with a few things I dug out of my craft drawer. It doesn't really give the grand effect I was hoping for, but it's our first Christmas tree together which makes it special. At least it's a step up from Charlie Brown. Maybe even two steps.

Now all we need are a few presents....

A Pink Tutu

Baby Josie is so stinking cute! Especially in a tutu. It definitely suits her.

So I might have stolen this picture off of Katie's blog. I think I'm becoming one of those aunts who brags about their nieces and has to show pictures of them to anyone who even glances in their general direction.

As a baby gift for Josie, I volunteered to make her baby announcements. After all, people should know who she is. I love being crafty, especially when it comes to pretty papers. Here is how they turned out:

The pink tutu is my favorite part!

Monday, December 6, 2010


Yesterday was Josh's birthday. It was a pretty busy day: eating, napping, eating, relaxing. It was great! We also went to the theater and saw Inception, which is one of Josh's new favorite movies. It's really good and if you haven't seen it, you need to. During the entire movie, I kept leaning over to Josh saying "This is crazy!" or "This is so cool!" We had fun. Then ended the day with birthday cake.

Happy Birthday Josh! I LOVE YOU!