Friday, June 25, 2010

Two Peas in a Pod

Holly and Lilo, baby and dog. It's funny how much they have in common!

* They both beg for food: I was babysitting Holly one morning and I hadn't eaten breakfast yet. I poured a bowl of cereal and the second I sat down at the table, Holly and Lilo were practically on top of me begging for food. Holly held her arms up and Lilo gave me her puppy dog eyes. I gave in to Holly of course, but Lilo didn't have as much luck.

* They're favorite toys are stuffed animals: As soon as Holly lays her eyes on a stuffed animal, her entire face lights up. She carries them around with her and squeezes them so tight. As for Lilo, we've stopped shopping in the pet section for her toys. She prefers little stuffed animals that she can tug on and carry around until she slowly pulls out all the stuffing and is left with and empty rag.

* They both like chasing the other around, but don't like being chased: It's pretty hilarious watching Holly and Lilo interact with each other. Holly either goes for the tail or the eyes. Either way, she's delighted when she succeeds in catching up to Lilo. Lilo on the other hand has no problem catching Holly. She likes to sniff and lick Holly's face when she's close, which Holly isn't too fond of.

Although one is a lot hairier, they're two peas in a pod. And don't worry Holly, someday we'll even have a cousin you can play with too.

Monday, June 21, 2010


It seems like we just got to Corpus and now we're leaving. We'll be saying goodbye to the southern coast and heading straight north to Fargo, North Dakota of all places. And there's a pretty good chance that I may freeze to death.

Josh found a job in Fargo and has been training for it in Utah this past week. It's really the perfect job for him and it's a great opportunity for our little family. He'll still be working for APX, but as a service technician. We've even found an apartment in Fargo already, so things are really working out so far. Oh and did I mention- we'll be leaving in a little over a week. It's all happening so fast!

So there are some pretty big changes coming up for us. In about a week we'll be on our way, starting a new chapter in our life. And for this chapter, I'll be trading in my flip-flops for winter boots.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Brown Thumb

There are certain things in life that Josh loves to remind me about because he knows it bugs me. Like the time that I promised to take him to see New Moon for his birthday and then never did. According to my story, it's because we were really busy and didn't have time, but Josh will tell you otherwise. And then there was the time that Josh bought me an orchid for Valentine's Day, which is now dead. He likes to claim that I "killed" it.

Some people have a green thumb and I just naturally have a brown thumb. I once bought cute little plants to decorate my bathroom and give it a fresh look. Bad idea- they were brown and dying a month later. Not exactly the look I was going for. And the last time I received flowers, I left them in the car. In 90 degree heat. In Texas. But that was really an accident. Basically anything that's green and has leaves will live a short life if left anywhere near me.

So the orchid Josh gave me was beautiful and I loved it. It had white petals with splashes of purple and was in full bloom at the time. The directions said that all you have to do is put five ice cubes in the dirt every ten days. I thought "Easy enough. I can do this!" Well, I was wrong. It was going well for awhile and I lovingly put ice cubes in the dirt every week and a half until we went out of town. We were gone for about a week and it completely messed up the whole ice cube schedule. Ever since then my orchid has never been the same. It started losing all of its flowers and then slowly started losing its leaves one by one. It now has one sad little brown leaf left.

I think it's finally time to say goodbye to my orchid. I kept denying that it was dead and hoping it was just "asleep", but it's obvious now. So yes Josh, I probably did kill it, but not on purpose. And I'm going to miss my poor neglected orchid. It was just another innocent victim of my brown thumb.

R.I.P. orchid.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Holly!

Our niece Holly turned 1 on Friday. She is the sweetest little girl and growing up so fast!

We celebrated her birthday over the weekend and Holly definitely knew it was a party for her. She had a great time being the constant center of attention. And with a room full of family, she had an adoring audience. Whether she was launching her dinner on the floor or running around the room, she loved being the entertainment!

And there were presents galore. The wrapping paper alone kept Holly busy for quite awhile. She then discovered her new stash consisting of clothes, toys, and of course her favorite, stuffed animals. There was so much excitement and she played until she was literally falling over.

The best part of the night was watching Holly's attempts at eating a cupcake. She first tried not to use her hands and just dived face first into the frosting. After diving and coming back up for air about twenty times, she finally grabbed it with her hands and devoured it. As you can imagine, there was frosting everywhere!

With family, presents, and most importantly cupcakes, Holly's party was a success. She loved it!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Since I'm getting the hang of the whole blogging thing, I decided to get creative: I gave our blog a makeover.

Because I'm not the most computer savvy or decisive person in the world, it literally took me hours to come up with this new look. Josh got tired really fast of me asking his opinion on no less than fifty different backgrounds. I needed an opinion! And then I had the header to deal with. After about ten tries, I finally got it the right size.

Anyways, it was a battle but in the end turned out cute. Needless to say, I won't try to give our blog another face lift anytime soon.

Hopefully everyone will like it as much as I do!