Wednesday, June 15, 2011

According to Plan

One thing I've learned in life, is that nothing goes according to plan. I like to picture exactly how I think my life should go, but it never works out. Although it's not necessarily a bad thing.

For example, Josh and I would have never met if things had gone according to plan. I was supposed to be working at school all summer and Josh was supposed to be selling security in Florida. It just happened to turn out that I wasn't getting enough hours at work and decided to go home for the summer, while at the same time Josh's sales team got transferred to Corpus Christi. We met a week after I got home and the rest is history! Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I had stayed at school. Josh and I may have met when I visited Corpus, but I'm sure we wouldn't have gotten married. I'm SO thankful that things worked out the way they did! I can't imagine my life without Josh!

Lately things have not gone according to plan. I've been working at my office job for 4 months now, but it's not what I want to be doing. An opportunity turned up about a month ago where I would be working for a designer in her showroom a few afternoons a week. It seemed perfect. I would get to do a little design work, but still have enough hours at my office job. Then after I got the job offer, nothing happened. I tried stopping by and contacting her by phone, but she kept standing me up or just wouldn't get back to me. Finally she said she would call me for a time to meet. That was a month ago and I've heard nothing since. It was all a complete waste of my time! It still makes me mad when I think about it.

Last week I dropped off my resume at a few design companies. Two days later I got a call back from a showroom that is part of a hardware store. The lead designer wanted to hire me on as another designer. I was so excited! I thought that I would finally have the design job that I was looking for. So I went in for training last weekend and it was horrible! I called Josh crying on my lunch break. This is what the job description should have been: you will work in the hardware store wherever they need help and once in a blue moon when someone comes into the designer center, you will help them pick out paint or flooring. Basically, I would hardly be doing any design work. The worst part about it was that the job was only on weekends. They wouldn't be able to give me enough hours where I could quit my office job, so I would be working 7 days a week. No thanks! I ended up quitting yesterday and I feel great about it.

I just hate that things haven't worked out how I had pictured for my career. Fargo is a hard place to start a design career when the market just isn't there. So for now I will be staying as an office assistant. It's not according to my plan, but I'm sure things happened this way for a reason.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Zoo

On Memorial Day we got together with some friends and went to the Wahpeton Zoo. Who knew they had a zoo in Wahpeton? Who has even heard of Wahpeton? (It's a small town 45 minutes south of Fargo.) Anyways, we were pleasantly surprised that the zoo was actually pretty decent. We had a good time. And I got to play with my camera.

Josh's Dad has a Canon that he no longer uses, so he gave me two of his old lenses. One of which is an extreme zoom lens (obviously the technical term). The zoo was the perfect place to test it out. Most of the pictures I took were from pretty far away, but it looks like we were up close and in person.

With nice weather and good company, we had a fun day!